Real Millennoum Group (TM)
Mission Statement
The Real Millennium Group (TM) is an organization dedicated to keeping history alive, so that future generations may learn from the triumphs and failures of those that came before us, and shaped the world and civilization we now live in.

Our purpose is to learn about people and events from our past and to pass that knowledge along; helping to inform people about real historical events, and debunk common misconceptions. An immediate reflection of this purpose is to inform people of the actual date that the new century and millennium begin, despite the mistaken belief that has been reinforced by commercialism and media news organizations.
Members, and those wishing to become members, in addition to supporting the RMG's mission and purpose, must also have the following desires and qualities:

1) Be dedicated to the truth and for equal justice for all living creatures.

2) Be dedicated to increasing one's knowledge, not only in History, but all academic pursuits.

3) Be dedicated to helping one's fellow man, and to do what one can to promote world peace.

4) Have a respect for the Earth and for nature, and be dedicated to preserving the Earth and all of its creatures. To live in harmony with nature, and not to destroy what it has created.

5) To conduct oneself with respect and with honor and integrity in all ventures. To have confidence in oneself, yet the humility to know that one's knowledge is never complete.
As the RMG and its membership grows, we shall expand our mission and purposes as needed for the benefit of the Real Millennium Group, its members, and the world around us.

If you would like to join the Real Millennium Group, please go to the Membership Application page and fill out the membership form. Thank you for your interest, and we hope to welcome you to our ranks.