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Home Networking Configuration
Combine the Home Networking plan with our Hardware Service and Operating System Plans for complete coverage at a great discount

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As computing technology advances ever faster, and integrates itself even further into our lives, having a stable working Home Network makes getting tasks (and game-time) fast and easy. By having your computers and other wireless/wired electronics connected you can centralize your file storage and access, which makes finding that picture, video, or spreadsheet you need easier, by allowing access from any computer. It also makes backing up all those important files less of a chore.

Security of your network, the computers, and the files on them must also be of primary importance. Not only will we get your computers connected, but we will also lock down your network to prevent outsiders from getting in and stealing or destroying your information.

Whether your existing network needs tweaking, or you want to start from scratch, we have you covered.
Home Network Configuration Package - $169.95
Covers up to 3 wired or wireless PCs (additional PCs or devices additional $19.95 each)
Check for ideal placement of devices
Secure existing Router and Firewall configuration
Implement password and permission security for network
Covers Troubleshooting Service for 30 days

Complete new network set-up at no additional charge, except the cost of hardware
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The above pricing covers on-site service for RMG Tech local areas (within a 15 mile radius of Morrisville, PA) For service outside of this area, an additional charge of 15¢ per mile will incur.