RMG Tech Services
* Desktop Hardware Maintenance and Upgrades
* Windows and Software Maintenance and Upgrades
* Home Networking Configuration
* Small Business Network evaluation and consultation
* Business Web Site Design
* Custom Built Desktop PCs
* E-Mail Troubleshooting Support
* Complete Support Packages and Troubleshooting Service
With Personal Computing technology and networking capabilities rapidly integrating with today's home and business world, it is more important than ever to have someone who is qualified and dependable to keep your system up and running.

RMG Tech Services can be your PC and Network service provider. RMG Tech is a service offered by Real Millennium Group founder, Jim Bergevin, who is a Microsoft certified technician with the following credentials already under his belt:
MCTS - Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Vista Configuration
MCITP - Microsoft Certified IT Professional, Consumer Support
MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional 2.0 in Vista and Server 2003
MCSA - Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator, Server 2003
A+ Certified IT Technician
Network+ Certified CE
Jim has had experience working on Windows PCs since the mid-90's starting with Windows 3.1, and regularly upgrades and builds PCs for the Real Millennium Group Network, and was employed as a Network Administrator for Gnostech, Inc. in Warminster, PA for over four years. He currently maintains and continues work on PCs ranging from an IBM PC XT running Windows 3.0, up to a multiple server domain running Server 2008 R2. He is also maintains virtual machines (both VMWare Server,  Virtual PC, and Hyper-V).

With over 20 years as a Customer Service Professional, working in the retail industry and as a GM of a Ewing, NJ Bowling Center and Grille, Jim will bring his passion and personal touch to every client. Not only will he work to solve your computer problem, he will explain what he is doing and why - no need to worry about deciphering geekspeak or being kept in the dark about your own computer. This personalized working relationship will allow RMG Tech to provide you with the service that's just right for you, and bring to you that dependability and reliability that is so important in today's technology oriented world.
RMG Tech uses and recommends these programs
(because they're good and they're FREE!):
AVG Free Anti-Virus
Sygate Firewall
Ad-Aware Anti-malware
Sygate Firewall
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