Honoring 300 Years of American Heritage
1776 - 2001
Join Our Nationwide Celebration Of
America's 300th Birthday!!
July 4th, 2001

**Spectacular Fireworks displays in
each time zone!!
**At midnight (Eastern Time) a single fireworks burst will be set off above the capitol city in each of the 50 states!!
**Special shows and historical presentations at the National Museum in Washington, D.C.
Special Re-enactment of the Battles of Lexington & Concord at Mercer County Park in Trenton, NJ
Performed by the Real Millennium Group's LARP:
Knights of Justice

Special Dinner hosted by the Real Millennium Group's officers will be held at the Marriott Resort Hotel in Princeton, NJ Tickets will be $150 per person
seating will be limited so reserve your tickets now!!
Special remembrance of New Jersey's Veterans to follow.

E-mail us for reservations or to find out what the
local chapter of the Real Millennium Group has
planned in your area.
Drop us an e-mail or two
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