Found Dog -- Spot #001
Breed: Lab/Mix
Approximate Age (people years): Young
Disposition: Sweet and Lonely
Time/Date Found: 6/11/02
Location Found: Highland Park/Los Angeles
Contact Info: Michelle - Contact Us
Real Millennium Group
Found Animal Spots
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Found Dog -- Spot #002
Breed: pit bull & bull dog, very wide dog
Approximate Age (people years): Young
Disposition: seems like a sweet dog
Time/Date Found: midnight, 4/5/05
Location Found: on Palmer Lane in Ewing
Contact Info: Steve - Contact Us
Misc: This dog is headed to the Ewing animal shelter
Found Dog -- Spot #003
Breed: Male Short Hair
Approximate Age (people years): about 2 years
Disposition: very sweet and lovable
Time/Date Found: May 9, 2006
Location Found: on Matawan, NJ about 3/4 of a mile from the train station.
Contact Info: Lindsay - Contact Us
Found Cat -- Spot #004
Breed: American Long Hair
Approximate Age (people years): unknown
Disposition: friendly
Time/Date Found: around summer 2006
Location Found: Buttonwood Drive near Somerset Street in Ewing, NJ
Contact Info: Barbara - Contact Us
Misc: Cat was abandoned and found near Barbara's home. Often went to a neighboring house in the mornings. Cat was to be neutered at the Hamilton clinic in July.
Found Dog -- Spot #005
Breed: Yellow Lab
Approximate Age (people years): 3-6 years
Disposition: Friendly
Time/Date Found: 8:00 am on June 13, 2008
Location Found: Ocean View Hills, California
Contact Info: K.B. - Contact Us