Welcome to the world of Defiance - where TV meets Game.

Defiance is the new MMO developed by Trion Worlds (makers of Rift) and it is also the hottest new Sci-Fi drama series on the SyFy channel.

What sets Defiance apart is the meshing of the series and the game, where events in one will affect the other. To learn more about Defiance, visit the official site:
Exchange of Debts

Chapter 1 - Welcome to Defiance
Chapter 2 - A Chance Encounter
Chapter 3 - I Had a Little Bird
Chapter 4 - Morning Interludes
Chapter 5 - Hunting the Ark Hunter
Chapter 6 - Once More into the Divide

Read our original draft of Welcome to Defiance in the official forums - Exchange of Debts

Exchange of Debts will be uploaded here in PDF form
Future Chapters are now still in the works and coming soon (based on our Real Life duties).

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